About Handi-Art

Handi-Art is always held in week 34

Wednesday through Friday, 10 am – 5 pm

Free access 

Næstved Cultural Association holds the Handi-Art Art Fair every year

Since 2003 Næstved Cultural Association has held the Art Fair Handi-Art, and since 2005 it has been with international participation.

Each year Næstved Cultural Association works purposefully to assemble and put together an exhibition program that reflects a diversity of talent, personality and artistic expression. And the association reaches out to find innovative artists and environments that will be included in the exhibition. Næstved Cultural Association works diligently to focus on artists with disabilities and to create a safe and good environment for the fair here in Næstved.

The target audience for Handi-Art:

The art fair is aimed at mentally disabled, autistic, mentally ill and physically or mentally disabled artists and art groups aged 18+, thereby making their talents and values visible through outsider art. For each artist it is very valuable to have the opportunity to express themselves artistically in a forum with like-minded people.

The purpose of the art fair is to:

  • Create and further develop a cultural and social network regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Highlight values and capabilities through outsider art among citizens with disabilities.
  • Offer the audience an experience of a very special kind.
  • Promote art and culture among a large group of citizens/artists with many abilities and talents.
  • Put Næstved on the map with a unique exhibition such as Handi-Art.
  • Artists and art groups can showcase their art for free.

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this unique art and everything it reflects as it is an extremely valuable part of the culture of our society.

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For further information, please contact:

Hernan Gonzalez


Mobile:  50 91 11 47

E-mail: hernan4700@gmail.com