About Næstved Cultural Association


Voluntary Citizens

Culture & interaction

Non-commercial events.

Næstved Cultural Association is a non-profit organization made up of voluntary citizens who will contribute to events that benefit everyone. Here everyone can feel welcome and accepted regardless of belief, culture, language and disability.

Næstved Cultural Association is completely dependent on grants and sponsorships from foundations and public and private organizations.

Each year, the Culture and Leisure Department in the Municipality of Næstved has awarded grants in order to hold the art exhibition Handi-Art and “Kunst med Sjæl”.


As an association

cultural activities

Cultural activities for children, young people and adult citizens.

The association’s purpose is to organize exciting cultural activities for children, young people and adult citizens.

The association will seek to represent a wide range of people, however, some events will target physically and/or mentally disabled citizens.

The association’s purpose is also to collaborate with professional artists as well as amateurs from both home and abroad as part of the joint integration of disabled citizens.


Art exhibition


The only one of its kind in Denmark.

The art fair Handi-Art is considered “unique” and is the only one of its kind in Denmark. Handi-Art has become entrenched in the local community over the years and is a recurring event. There have been new initiatives from the art exhibition from year to year.

The purpose of the art fair Handi-Art is to enhance creativity and quality of life through art and culture for citizens with disabilities as well as to create collaboration and interest groups locally as well as nationally and internationally.

Handi-Art wants to highlight the artistic abilities and values of a diverse group of people with disabilities as a common denominator.

Naestved Cultural Association holds the Handi-Art art fair every year in the end of August in Det Gamle Ridehus at Grønnegades Kaserne in Næstved. 

Admission is free.