Articles of association of Næstved Culture Association

PCS. 1  The name of the association is: Næstved Culture Association

PCS. 1  The association’s patron is: Carsten Rasmussen, mayor of Næstved municipality – at a board meeting Friday, November 25, 2014.

PCS​. 1  The association’s registered office is located in Næstved municipality, Bogøvej 11, 4700 Næstved

PCS. 1 Næstved Culture Association is a voluntary non-profit organization.

PCS. 2 The association’s purpose is to hold cultural activities such as art exhibitions, art fairs and musical events. The association seeks to represent a very wide range of people, however, some events will target citizens with physical / mental disabilities.

PCS. 3 The association’s purpose is also to collaborate with professional artists as well as amateurs from both home and abroad as part of joint integration for physically and / or mentally disabled citizens.

PCS. 4 The association’s purpose is also through cooperation to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the association life in Næstved municipality.

PCS. 1 The Board of Directors enters into agreements on sponsorships to cover the costs of the association’s cultural activities.

PCS. 2 The association may receive gifts in the form of money and / or props for the purpose of the association.

PCS. 3 All gifts are registered and must appear in the association’s accounts.

PCS. 1 As A member of Næstved Kulturforening, individuals with permanent residence in Denmark can be admitted.

PCS. 2 As a B member of Næstved Kulturforening, companies, organizations and institutions with addresses in Denmark can be admitted. Companies, organizations and institutions pay a quota amount fixed at the general meeting.

B members have access to member meetings and general meetings with speakers as well as one vote per vote. membership.

B members have access to all events on equal terms with the other members of Næstved Kulturforening.

PCS. 3 Exemption for Danish residence.

The Board of Directors assesses whether an exemption can be granted for membership of new members who are not resident in Denmark. This is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

PCS. 4 When registering at Næstved Kulturforening, the new member must have handed over the association’s articles of association.

PCS. 5 A valid membership card is a credential upon entry to the association’s general meeting and member meetings.

PCS. 6 A valid membership card must be displayed at the entrance to the association’s events, where members receive a discount or free admission through the membership.

PCS. 7 The membership of Næstved Kulturforening follows the calendar year.

PCS. 1 The quota for the association’s operation is determined at the annual ordinary general meeting. The Board of Directors will present at the Annual General Meeting in January the size of the quota for the association’s operation.

PCS. 2 The quota for the operation of the association may also be fixed at an extraordinary general meeting.

PCS. 1 Failure to pay a membership fee will result in the deletion of membership.

PCS. 2 Upon withdrawal from the association, no claim can be made on the association’s funds.

PCS. 1 The association is chaired by a board of 6 members, these items being: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Board members.

PCS. 2 Two alternates are elected to the Board of Directors.

PCS. 3 Two document controllers are selected.

PCS. 4 All elections are for a 2-year term.

All elections for posts in Næstved Kulturforening are by direct choice.

Selectable are all members who are 18 years of age.

PCS. 5 The Board of Directors shall set up all necessary committees for the operation of the association. The committees are composed of members of the association.

PCS. 6 The Supervisory Board determines the tasks that each committee must solve, and the Supervisory Board appoints a co-ordinator who briefs the Supervisory Board in writing.

PCS. 7 Board members apply the general rules of Danish law to compensation.

PCS. 1 The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the association in all matters. The general meeting is convened in person with at least 3 weeks’ notice.

PCS. 2 The general meeting shall be constituted by the legally notified members.

PCS. 3 The Board of Directors leads the Association in accordance with the Association’s Articles of Association and the resolutions of the General Meeting.

PCS. 1 The general meeting shall be convened with at least three weeks’ notice, stating the date, time, place and an adequate agenda, at least containing the following:

Choice of conductor.
Approval of the agenda.
Choosing voice counters.
The association’s report by chairman.
Presentation of accounts by the cashier.
Setting the quota.
Presentation of work program.
Proposals received (proposals must reach the chairman of the association no later than 10 days before the general meeting.)

Even year:     Uneven year:

Chairman Vice-President

Treasurer Secretary

1 Board member 1 Board member

1 Board alternate 1 Board alternate

1 Critical document inspector 1 Critical document inspector

Possibly. – Points below may not be decided.

PCS. 2 All elections require that you be present – however, if absent, you can be elected if you have given a written commitment that you stand for the chair before the general meeting starts.uneven years

PCS. 1 A majority of the board of directors or the chairman may convene an extraordinary general meeting.

PCS. 2 An extraordinary general meeting must also be held when at least 1/3 of the members address the Board of Directors in writing stating what is to be discussed at the extraordinary general meeting.

PCS. 3 However, it requires at least half of the signatories to be present at the extraordinary general meeting, as this will otherwise be declared invalid.

PCS. 1 Proposal to amend the articles of association is sent to the members together with the summons to the general meeting.

PCS. 2 The articles of association of Næstved Culture Association can only be amended by a 2/3 majority of the members present at the general meeting, where amendments appear in the agenda.

PCS. 1 The financial year follows the calendar year.

PCS. 2 The association’s treasurer keeps the accounts accurately and informative, stating all the income and expenses.

PCS. 3 The accounts will always be open to review by all members of the association.

PCS. 4 The treasurer is obliged (at the request of the board of directors or of the selected auditors or state-authorized public accountants) to present the accounts fully at all times. The Supervisory Board prepares an instruction for annex supervisors, which is approved at the first meeting after the general meeting.

PCS. 5 Members who work voluntarily at the association’s events can receive free admission and catering according to current guidelines set by the board of directors.

PCS. 6 The Supervisory Board and document auditors must undergo accounting training at Arbejdernes Landsbank.

PCS. 7 Cash is deposited in Arbejdernes Landsbank, branch in Næstved.

PCS. 8 Only the persons authorized by the Board of Directors can withdraw from the association’s accounts. An agreement is reached with the bank that there must be 2 signatures each time that is raised in the association’s accounts. These signatures being the treasurer, the chairman or the vice-chairman. The accounts of the association can only be withdrawn with the cashier’s signature as well as the chairman’s or vice-chairman’s.

PCS. 9 The cashier is responsible for ensuring that accounting and quota settlement / payment are made in a timely manner, and that the association’s obligations are met with partners.

PCS. 10 At the ordinary / extraordinary general meeting, the treasurer must submit a revised account for approval.

PCS. 11 The accounts are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval before the general meeting. The accounts are signed by the treasurer, chairman and vice-chairman.

PCS. 12 The Supervisory Board authorizes the cashier to transfer payments via online banking.

PCS. 1 Næstved Cultural Association may accept persons as honorary members if they make any special effort to promote the purpose of the association. Honorary membership is assessed, decided and awarded by the Board of Directors.

PCS. 2 The honorary membership is announced at the next general meeting and general meeting.

PCS. 1 Næstved Culture Association cannot be dissolved unless this has been adopted by a 2/3 majority of the voting members present.

PCS. 2 Næstved Culture Association can be dissolved at two consecutive general meetings, one of which must be an ordinary general meeting.

PCS. 3 Proposals for dissolution of Næstved Cultural Association must be sent with the agenda to the general meeting, so that the members have the opportunity to decide on this.

PCS. 4 In the event of the Naestved Cultural Association’s resolution, all financial resources for cultural associations approved by the Municipality of Næstved will be available.