Rules of procedure for Næstved Culture Association

The following rules apply with the aim that Næstved Culture Association seeks to conduct the general meetings in a manner that provides a satisfactory and substantive treatment of the agenda:

  • The chairman opens the general meeting and asks for suggestions for the conductor (s) elected by hand. The choice is decided by a simple majority of votes. The Board of Directors may decide whether one or two directors are needed according to the size of the general meeting and the nature of the agenda.
  • The conductor (s) check whether the general meeting is legally ushered in accordance with the articles of association of Næstved Culture Association. Then the agenda is read.
  • Only proposals submitted in good time in accordance with the articles of association of Næstved Culture Association can be considered at the general meeting.
  • The conductor or members may make suggestions for limiting speaking time.
  • In the election of directors, etc. the conductor must call for candidates, including which of the outgoing recipients will receive re-election.
  • As well as asking the proposed rise so that the assembly can see who they are and whether they approve elections / re-election.
  • If a member has asked for the word i.h.t. according to the rules of procedure, the conductor ensures that he or she adheres to this. If this does not happen, the conductor must remove the word.
  • The conductor ensures good calm and order, and that a good and parliamentary tone is used in the debate. If this does not happen, the chairman may suspend the general meeting for a shorter or longer period.
  • The conductor’s decision is final. If the Assembly gives the Chair a vote of no confidence, he or she must resign and in such a case the Chair shall lead a vote. If the vote of no confidence receives a majority of the votes present, the chairman shall lead a vote on a new conductor.
  • The chairman chairs the general meeting impartially, and if the chairman wishes to participate in the debate, he/she must inform the general meeting that he/she has signed up on the list.