Are you our new volunteer?

Are you our new volunteer?

Næstved Cultural Association can always use more volunteers for our art fairs Kunst med Sjæl, which is in May, and Handi-Art, which runs in August.

When you are a volunteer in Næstved Cultural Association you will meet many different people with and without disabilities. The same for all of them, however, is that they come to have a good experience regardless of faith, culture, language and disability. Together with them you will meet exciting artists from home and abroad who make outsider art. As part of our team of volunteers, you will be able to do various tasks before, during and after the art fairs.

Some of the tasks that we can use a helping hand with include:

  • set up stands before the fair and take them down again after the fair.
  • set up and take down flags on the days of the fairs.
  • distributing flyers and posters in city stores.
  • helping out in Café Art and in the info booth.

We are looking forward to hearing from you