An association for all regardless of faith, culture, language and disability


Holds art fairs twice a year for artists who are physically and mentally vulnerable and have a disability.

Næstved Kulturforening wants to spread the message of outsider art nationally and internationally.

We are a non-profit organization with many connections to talented and exciting artists both at home and abroad.

Næstved Cultural Association has a close cooperation with Næstved municipality, Mærk Næstved, Grønnegade Kaserne and kultKIT et al.


Here is an article from kultKIT dealing Handi-Art 2019.

– I can’t stop painting. Painting is my thing, says the young artist, and he’s not alone in thinking that way.

Kunsten at finde vej i livet

Næstved Cultural Association is addressing you because we want to publish a book with exhibitors during the years at the art fairs Handi-Art and Kunst med Sjæl.

The letter about publishing the art book can be downloaded here

In Danish here

In German here

In Serbian here

In Spanish here

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