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In the committee of Day of Associations (Foreningernes Dag) we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel Day of Associations in 2020. The decision has been made in agreement with Næstved Municipality’s Center for Culture and Citizenship, which is the administration we work with.

Obviously, there is a great deal of uncertainty associated with planning events in the fall of 2020, as we do not know the set of rules that will apply in early September. Furthermore, many associations have expressed concerns about having to be part of an event that brings together many citizens in a relatively small space – a space that has also been reduced by the test center in Rådmandshaven.

Besides that, we see great challenges in gathering the audience that we are so dependent on to call Day of Associations a success. If larger gatherings will be allowed this fall, we as Day of Associations will experience a great deal of competition from all the other public and private events that have been postponed since Spring. It will simply be too difficult to get people to visit us that day.

From the Day of Associations committee and Næstved’s Center for Culture and Citizenship we thank you very much for the support and interest you have shown Day of Associations, and we promise to be back with a bang of a Day of Associations in 2021. See you there!

“Kunst med Sjæl” 2020 is postponed, you can read more here.

Calls for artists with mental vulnerability to participate in a European competition.

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General meeting is held on Wednesday March 25 2020 at 7 p.m. in Café Sydpolen, Parkvej 108, 4700 Næstved.

A notice with the agenda will be sent to all members 14 days before the meeting.

True to tradition, there will be a light meal at 6 p.m. for all registered members.

Here is an article from kultKIT dealing Handi-Art 2019.

– I can’t stop painting. Painting is my thing, says the young artist, and he’s not alone in thinking that way.

Kunsten at finde vej i livet

Næstved Cultural Association is addressing you because we want to publish a book with exhibitors during the years at the art fairs Handi-Art and Kunst med Sjæl.

The letter about publishing the art book can be downloaded here

In Danish here

In German here

In Serbian here

In Spanish here


Holds art fairs twice a year for artists who are physically and mentally vulnerable and have a disability.

Næstved Kulturforening wants to spread the message of outsider art nationally and internationally.

We are a non-profit organization with many connections to talented and exciting artists both at home and abroad.

Næstved Cultural Association has a close cooperation with Næstved municipality, Mærk Næstved, Grønnegade Kaserne and kultKIT et al.

ART Fairs 2020